Integrated Rural Development Society (IRDS), Gulmi

Resunga Municipality-8, Tamghas


Brief Introduction

Integrated Rural Development Society (IRDS,Gulmiis nonprofit public interest non-governmental social Organization. It is an active organization registered in District Administration Office Gulmi in B.S. 2051. Since B.S.2073, the organization is working in Arghagkhani district and in the next five years, the organization has planning to expand over the province 5.

The organization has been working to contribute equality and prosperity to target marginalized women, dalit, tribe and poor communities, children and youth, who have been in socially viable society. The organization has been working organizing, empowering and empowering targeted community for bringing in the basic flow of development. The organization has been working in partnership with the NGO federation, Youth Organization Network, Human Rights Alliance, Consortium, including good governance, health, livelihoods, drinking water and sanitation, local level capacity development and advocacy. The organization has included disaster and environmental risk reduction and management since 2018 in its strategic plan.

The organization is governed by the third amendment legislation 2072, the Economic Administration Rules-2065, Human Resource Management Rules-2065, Communication Strategy-2074, gender and social inclusion policy-2070, Source Operations Guideline-2074, Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline-2074, daily operational guidline-2076 and has strategic plan (BS 2074-078).The organization has been regularly conducting board meeting, annual general assembly, and has been timely organizing the election for executive board member in every three years through general assembly. To practice good governance system, organization has been call the open membership and publicizes the made decision. The organization has a systematic accounting system, cost effective and non-profitable performance. The organization has been organizing its’ own social audit since last year. The organization has been working in collaboration, coordination, cooperation and partnership to achieve its VMGO with various governments and I/NGOs.

Since its establishment organization has been working and implementing different program in partnership with USAID, FHI 360, HKI, Care Nepal, NTAG, ENPHO, VDRC, HEIFER International, Save the Children, UNDP, DaietoAviyan, Ministry of federal affairs and general administration, Youth and sport, culture, tourism and civic aviation, Ministry of social development province no 5 and Local governments of working district in Gulmi and Arghakhanchi district.


Equitable and prosperous society


Integrated rural development society will be ensured to improve the economic, social and health situation of women, children, marginalized groups and youth by maintaining good governance and reducing the risk of disaster.

Main goals

Will be increase access of marginalized people at public services

Will be improve the life of women, youth and marginalized people through livelihood and empowerment

Will be reduce the infant and maternal mortality rate and will have improved the health of women and children

Will be reduce the humanitarian and economical loses because of disaster and environmental


Marginalized community will have aware on the service and procedures of public service providers.

Service providers will be accountable and transparent.

Will be increased in income and income generation of marginalized community, women and youth by participating on professional income-oriented activities.

Will be developed the development of leadership and commercialization skills of marginalized class, women and youth.

Women's behavior on using balance food regarding to health and nutrition will be increased.

Will have increased the women's knowledge on reproductive health.

Public awareness will be enhanced to operate child friendly local government in Rural/municipalities.

Will be reduced the risk of environmental risk, disaster and management through growing up awareness in community people


Target Group/community

Disadvantage community: Dalit, Poor, physically disable, janjati













Organization strategies

The strategies will be taken to achieve the results given by the organization

Networking: Networks will be formed jointly with various groups, I/NGOs, private sector and networks will be carried out advocacy on related issues.

Coalition and coordination: Coalition and coordination will be done with government bodies, I/NGOs for the advantage of beneficiary groups.

Advocacy on the basis of evidence: Organization will advocacy according to its rule, regulation and laws. While doing advocacy organization will be collect the evidences, analysis and done on basis of squeeze of evidence. The use of the use of the communications world and use of the accountability tool will be treated as the main basic of the advocacy.

Mobilization of local resources: Interaction will be conducted for utilization of local resources in local level and proposals will be submitted at local level as per requirement.

Social mobilization: Social mobilization will be done for organizing community groups, aware groups, to form pressure and watch groups, to build discussion platform of service providers and service consumer

Capacity development: The organization will develop capacity of executive committee member and staff and to bring efficiency in the service flow of service providers. Capacity development work will be done based on the subject sector of capacity development.

Increase public awareness: The organization will conduct public awareness programs. In particular, the good governance, service processes o, health care, nutrition and health, inclusion and disaster risk reduction and management will be done in the next five years.

Study, research, and knowledge building: Organization will be made the conclusion and prepare the way forward action plan through the study and research the work done by the organization, impact of the effects, learning, and obstacle during the implementation period.

Partnership: The organization will work in partnership with various I/NGOs to get the results as set up.